Folk Dance Group "Reola"
The folk dance group "Reola" was created in 1968. The group repertuary includes Estonian folk dances and modern folk dances. The average age is 42. Six pairs of eight are married couples, which have been dancing for 18- 25 years. The group "Reola" wears a national costume of Muhu (it is a small island in West Estonia). Our home county - Ülenurme is in the south of Tartu. It is 3 km from the a university town Tartu and 30 km from the a winter sports center Otepää. Ülenurme is known by the Airport and the Estonian Agricultural Museum. The folk dance group has danced in Finland, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Latvia and in many places in Estonia. We have a long run friendship with a folk dance group from Helsinki. We are ready to accommodate in our homes and make som trips to show our beautiful nature and the culture of South Estonia.

Kalli Ird Kalli Ird Sulev Ird Sulev Ird
 Katrin Jakobson  AavoAavo Kihva
 EveliEveli Kihva  AgoAgo Kihva
Sirli Luht Tõnu Luht
Anne-Lea Leppik Anne-Lea Leppik Peeter Leppik Peeter Leppik
Malle Mutso Malle Mutso Eino Mutso Eino Mutso
Reola the Folkdance Group
leader Kalli Ird
Ülenurme vald, Tartumaa,
+372 741649, +372 5254086